ERPnext is considered one of the most important enterprise resource planning systems with the fastest growth, as it spreads across more than 130 countries and over 1000 companies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

takes control of your business completely from a single window, including all departments, clients, inventory, operations, human resources, projects, and much more.

 It's great to start your journey beyond just accounting software and unify all your departments and team into one software for all areas (including business cycle, manufacturing, sales, purchasing, finance, customer relations, etc.)


The system is considered one of the fastest evolving global systems, contributed to by developers from over 130 countries. It has been consistently ranked second for three consecutive years in terms of ease of use and customer satisfaction.

ERPNExt achieves the difficult equation of simplicity and quality in functions and customizability by adding fields and custom models without the need for coding. Just configure the system according to your needs, in addition to its reasonable price compared to competing systems such as Odoo, Dynamics, and Netsuite.

A clean, straightforward web interface that anyone on your team can learn to use. Reporting tools to help you understand your business data in just a few clicks. And for deeper analytics, you can export your data to run in your favorite spreadsheet application. If your team knows how to click through other web apps like Facebook or Google, they can easily use ERPNext

ERPNext can be hosted on the cloud on advanced dedicated servers with large resources to support servers and store data and system files 

You can also use the system within your company Onpremise 

The two can also be linked together by Hybrid Cloud 

ERPNext allows for the addition of custom fields and forms without coding. Simply configure the system according to your needs. Even workflow tasks and approvals can be set up by users as per their requirements.

A powerful, tested, proven, and certified system 

The system is based on a Linux server, in addition to its reliance on the latest technologies, as it is accessed through a browser from the Internet, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and therefore you can access the system from a mobile phone, iPad, or any operating system that can access the Internet.

We offer the highest level of customer support that includes different packages according to the requirements of each different activity

  • standard Customer Support
  • Advanced Customer Support
  • Full Customer Support
ERPnext Modules

The most important modules of the system that support different business systems.

Utilize all the integrated applications on ERPNext system together for greater efficiency, or activate only the ones you need based on your business requirements.

The most important business domains we support

most important activities supported by ERPNext

Fire Fighting
Service companies

The most important elements of accounts in the Trade section

You don't need deep knowledge in the field of accounting in business areas, as it provides you with everything you need to carry out various operations, including issuing invoices and tracking product sales and purchases instantly. It also offers a unique experience for listing daily entries and managing the chart of accounts with automated organization. Additionally, you can record expenses and revenues, manage assets, and view detailed financial reports and net income for different time periods.

Manage expense and income accounts

Professional accounts guide

Effectively tracking the fiscal year and closing periods

Export Accounting reports

The key functionalities of the ERPNext system that assist you in

Managing your business efficiently and effectively

Artificial Intelligence - AI

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

We welcome the next generation of systems, relying on the Python language. It seamlessly connects with your ideas and provides automation and integration with various systems. Artificial intelligence is the future, and we embrace it



you can easily design your website from the system. You can also create a detailed website for your company, online selling, or an online store and link it with stock, accounts, and system invoices. You can also integrate your system with various available platforms such as online stores like sala or Amazon, and many other payment gateways.

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

You will forget about paper-based tasks and wasting your organization's time on manual signatures. With ERPNext, signatures are done electronically and saved within the document, with the ability to store, retrieve, and print them at any time.

Backup and Protection (MFA)

Backup and Protection (MFA)

Our primary and utmost focus is business continuity solutions, so when offering ERPNext solutions, we provide system backup and security without any additional charges, including our basic support. We understand the significance of data backup because data is the fundamental of any organization. Our backup solutions are designed for Enterprise Resource Planning to ensure secure storage.

Notifications And Approvals Via Email

Notifications And Approvals Via Email

you can approve the electronic approvals workflow via emails and sign the electronic documents for sales and purchase to save a lot of time and effort. Our electronic approval system can Achieves the automation for key processes.

Document Management

Document Management

We offer advanced hosting with large storage capacity that allows you to attach and store all your paper documents, retrieve them, and browse them from your device without the complexities of paper-based workflows in your company.



Our interactive dashboards in our customized solutions help you manage all core business activities from one place at any time.



In addition to the system's dashboard, from which it can extract and print tables and reports instantly, ERPNext can seamlessly integrate with the Metabase platform. Metabase is a trusted platform used by over 50,000 companies globally to extract reports and information in an advanced and fast manner.
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Everything you need to manage human resources

ERPNext system digitizes employee affairs with integration into all the platforms you need. It is compatible with the Saudi labor system and provides reliable data protection.

ERPNext helps you manage everything related to employee affairs easily, including personal files, documents, salaries, advances, and leaves including the following:

Employee database
Salary management
Advance management
Covenant management
Managing incentives and allowances
Managing attendance and leave
Managing vacations
Managing expense claims
Managing Training
Managing Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Selecting Employees

Evaluation and training

Tracking and monitoring

Employees Documents

Success stories with more than 100+ clients

Trilogy Services

These are not just words we stand by everything we do and are committed to delivering on our promises We encourage you to experience working with us
 التنفيذ  Implementation


Our team consists of experienced programmers and developers with over ten years of expertise in system management and development. Additionally, we have a team of consultants specializing in financial and administrative affairs. 



Our consultants gather all the necessary details about your company, its business processes, challenges, expected end goals, and more. It is a crucial stage at Trilogy as it lays a strong foundation. You can be assured that you are working with an experienced and dedicated team of consultants.

النسخ الاحتياطي والحمايه

Backup and Security

Our primary focus is business continuity solutions, so when providing Erpnext solutions, we offer system backups and security at no additional cost, along with our basic support



One of the key highlights of our team is having a group of developers capable of modifying, enhancing, and customizing according to the client's business requirements

We configure business processes based on needs, increase efficiency, effectively meet demands, maximize resource utilization, and eliminate unnecessary inventory.



Assessment helps in developing a technology roadmap that aligns with your company's goals and objectives. We provide assessment reports
that identify cost reduction opportunities, current status, and business recommendations.

الربط والدمج

Integration and Customization

We are experts in integrating external systems with ERPNext, allowing you to quickly add features and tools to your business processes that would otherwise take months to develop.

إستشارات الأعمال

Business Consulting

We offer top-notch business consulting services to identify and address complexities, provide appropriate training for your teams, and assist you in implementing customized enterprise resource planning solutions and improving core processes. We empower your organization to achieve automation and make key operations more efficient and profitable.

ترحيل البيانات

Data Migration

Data migration is considered one of the most important aspects of any enterprise resource planning process. Whether you want to upgrade your storage, change vendors, implement new software, or undertake significant projects. 

الدعم الفني

Customer Support

An Arabic technical support team is available on-site and remotely for ERPNext users. In addition to support services, we provide free upgrades to the latest version, updates, configuration, and building security features for ERPNext.

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