ERPnext Modules

The most important sections in the trade section

Utilize all the integrated applications on ERPNext system together for greater efficiency, or activate only the ones you need based on your business requirements.


Financial accounting, general ledger, daily journal entries, check cycle, chart of accounts, assets, cost centers, general ledger, financial statements.



Staff, organizational structure, staff attendance, contracts, salaries, requests, vacations, advances


It is one of the leading CRM software that provides a 360-degree view of your business. From generating potential leads and managing marketing campaigns to completing sales.

Task and permission management.

Electronic and tax invoice, points of sale, online store, targeted sales and commissions, installments, offers, and insurances


A bookkeeping software that includes everything you need to manage the cash flows of your organization, from recording transactions to analyzing financial reports and reconciliation.

Daily journal entries
Receipts and payments vouchers
Chart of accounts
Cost centres
Budgeting Accounts
receivable Accounts
Tax rules for sales and purchases
Bank and currency management
Financial and managerial reports
Trial balance
Statement of financial position
Income statement
Cash flow statement

Core features of the accounts section in ERPNext

Realistic presentation of the work

Veiw the accounting dimensions (cost center - project), allocation of the dashboard, and analysing all aspects of the work

Invoices - Pricing

 Quickly create unique print templates and establish default settings, as well as create a price list for items.

Charts Of Accounts

 Detailed customization according to your vision of the charts of accounts that helps you create detailed reports for your company's accounts.

Currency Multiplicity

We provide preliminary designs in various options for selection. There is also the possibility of coordinating and modifying the design according to the required schedules and in line with the Zakat, tax, and income regulations.

Receipts and payments vouchers

 A successful method for managing cash flow and tracking revenues and expenses.

Automatic invoices

Creating invoices automatically for sales orders using the "subscriptions" feature and avoiding sending invoice renewals every month.

Everything you need to manage human resources

ERPNext system digitizes employee affairs with integration into all the platforms you need. It is compatible with the Saudi labor system and provides reliable data protection.

ERPNext helps you manage everything related to employee affairs easily, including personal files, documents, salaries, advances, and leaves including the following:

Employee database
Salary management
Advance management
Covenant management
Managing incentives and allowances
Managing attendance and leave
Managing vacations
Managing expense claims
Managing Training
Managing Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Selecting Employees

Evaluation and training

Tracking and monitoring

Employees Documents


Ease and efficiency in assigning and managing employees and attendance, tracking leaves and expenses, and handling settings, training, and evaluation.

Employees Documents

Retain complete information about the employee, including setup documents and legal details, with self-service configuration.

Hiring Management

Managing recruitment using an integrated recruitment tool that allows you to plan workforce requirements, review applicants, and store documents.


Setting up separate accounts for each salary structure, based on configurable components, profits, and deductions.

Easy payroll statements

Generating individual salary slips for employees and easily processing payroll statements. Leave behind the hassle of generating individual salary vouchers and embrace easy payroll processing.

Ratings and key performance indicators

Track employee performance based on key performance indicators and identify points of excellence in the team

firing Employees

Creating a pre-defined activity plan to manage employee exit procedures.

Attendance and Leave Management

Generating payroll statements based on the total actual days of attendance, unpaid leave, and half-day leaves.

Employee Training

Scheduling training events for your employees, which are automatically linked to their calendars.

Leave management system

With one click you can configure leave management options for a department or an entire business unit by setting weekends and working hours, granting leave transfer permission and many more cool features

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Professional Working Steps

Customer Relationship Management

Connect with potential customers, automate tedious tasks, and grow your business through customer-centric relationship management.

What we will work on in order:


Potential Customers


Meeting follow-ups and notifications.


Quotes and print models


Opportunities and Deals


Sales Forecasting



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Aiming to provide our customers to reach a certified compatible work system

كفاءة فريق المبيعات

Efficiency of the sales team

The team's performance is tracked, and all potential customer visits and sales stages are examined using pre-prepared reports.

عرض 360 درجة لعملك

360-degree view of your business

The dashboard provides a shared display of all key performance indicators related to your business operations.

الرؤية الكاملة لPipeline المبيعات

The Full Vision Of The Sales Pipeline

Our CRM system provides real-time visibility into important sales and marketing capabilities and easily converts potential leads into customers

عروض اسعار منسقه

coordinated price quotes

Enhance the appearance of your price quotes and ensure consistency across all your documents by using custom printing formatting template

أتمتة الأعمال اليومية

Automation of daily tasks

You can reduce the burden of manual work by assigning appointment methods (such as round-robin or load balancing) to automatically allocate potential customers among team members

التسويق الرقمي

Digital Marketing

Use email messages for targeted marketing, send attractive newsletters to your customers in large quantities, and analyze the sources of potential customers.

Setting up ERPNEXT Workflow

Automated management and direction of administrative tasks within your company (Business process automation).
ERPNEXT Workflow provides you with accurate administrative task details to track

And it also helps your employees to comply with and organize administrative tasks

Are you experiencing a lack of employee commitment to administrative tasks and their execution?
Are you looking for mechanisms to control the flow of document cycles within the organization and avoid any disruptions?
Do you track current administrative tasks on a daily basis within your organization, and are any of them currently in progress?
Do you want tools for employees to help them be more organized and productive?
Do you struggle with a lack of complete information that helps you make informed decisions accurately?

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